Poetry & Lyrics

Strange Clouds


Strange clouds dance

Above me as I wonder

Do you dare

To love me where I wander


Into the streets through the gold and gritty

Shadows are faithful to shelter us

Desolate hearts searching for a city

Sentenced apart; is there help for us


Right away

Come invade this hideaway

Chase the night away


Forget the fight

Forget what's right

Forgive the night

And sing the light

Monte Cristo

I am secret

Holding onto promises

Carefully romantic


I was desperate

Darkly draped and distant

Fighting to re-establish my place in the world


I will be daring

Following adventure

Sensitive to whispers

On her journey to self-discovery, she eventually returned to her roots and began working with kids hosting creative workshops and teaching vocal lessons. She started RunSong Studios to provide youth with the same tools that saved her life as a child.  She has worked with the Columbus Urban League and various schools, ministries and organizations locally and abroad. She became inspired to be an example to her students by finally reclaiming her original dream to make a difference in the world through her own authentic art and music. She is so grateful to be doing music again and is taking steps to build her career from the ground up and find her audience.She daringly tackles tough topics and revels in her right to fuse genres, pioneering her own path to success wherever it may lead. You can follow her on BandsinTown to see when she's playing next! Click to learn more about her creative workshops and vocal lessons.