A Wire Hanger

Updated: Jul 17

One day, a rusty pipe below my car snapped in half from decay, sparking as one side dragged on the ground on the way home. It was my only mode of transportation and I needed to get to my job! I was a single, early twenty-something age-out of the foster care system with no savings or parents to bail me out. I got down on my yoga mat underneath it to see the damage. I decided I could repair this and my mind went into survival-adventure mode. I used an empty soup can cut down the middle to create more pipe and some electrical tape to put it in place. It wasn’t enough. I would have to add extra support to hold it up because the pipe was pretty heavy. “A wire hanger should do the trick,” I thought.

When I was a kid we used wire hangers for making unique tools by untwisting them to roast marshmallows, play creative games and pick up things outside. Yet as an adult, I'd noticed they weren’t sold much in stores. Suddenly, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d owned or even seen one. I frantically looked everywhere in my apartment, but only plastic hangers existed anymore it seemed. “God, please…I just need one wire hanger…” I whispered as if one could magically appear out of thin air. After some time searching, I returned to the parking lot empty-handed. “Man… I came so close,” I thought to myself. My silly, single-handed attempt to salvage my ride was a dud. “Well, God… I tried,” I sighed with all excitement deflated. I picked up the scraps of my handy work off the pavement and marched over to the large dumpster in the complex parking lot. When I looked to toss them in the trash, lo and behold, there sitting on top of everything was a giant open box of wire hangers! What???! I could feel my Heavenly Father grinning at me as I bounced around with joy and relief. “Thank you, God,” I smiled back. “How funny are you, helping me with this old rust bucket by setting up everything I need?!”

Back then, trying to be an adult for the first time was very hard and often lonely. But in reflecting, I love how God met me where was along the way. Often, we want our whole situation to change, be “better,” when God would rather just be with us in our situations because the important part is that we know He’s with us and all things are possible. I mean…for the universe to arrange in such a way that I would come across a simple wire hanger in order to fix my jenky car may seem far-fetched - even a coincidence. But for me, the fact that someone happened to throw out a whole box of hangers at my moment of crisis made me laugh and forget all my troubles. I just felt loved, protected, seen, and known. And I drove that car for quite a while lol. With each stage of life, there are new struggles that match where we're at and ground us for where we're going. These humble beginnings where God was so obviously with me are what taught me what I hold on to now in all seasons.

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