Amy Cooper - My Thoughts... Sighhh

I personally don't want to condemn her and wish her no harm. I'm sure she feels stupid enough now. But the reality is that in a moment of sheer ego and entitlement, the ugliness of what she pulled on that black man is shameful. Point blank. A white woman deliberately baited and attempted to trigger the police while trying to instill fear and establish race and gender domination over that black man - over something THAT SIMPLE? It's wrong. He had the right to politely ask her to leash her dog and adhere to the park's rules. And he had the right to record her lack of compliance in case the dog was indeed unsafe or the situation escalated. People were ready to defend Ahmaud's shooters because he "should have obeyed the simple command," coming from men with GUNS. But an unarmed bird watcher kindly asks a woman to leash her animal and she makes a big deal of it, threatens him with the police, and proceeds to LIE ON HIM and emphasize his race knowing the history of police brutality in this nation? Makes me sad. That's all. She didn't have to go there. I have half the nerve to start a meme and coin a shaming catch phrase about it. (I've made it up's a gift lol) But the internet is doing enough of that and it's not right in my opinion. She is human like me and needs so much mercy.

But here's a newsflash to the Christians who think I'm not supposed to respond or comment on this: This behavior needs to be addressed and publicly denounced. And proof of it needs to be spread to people who consistently deny its prevalence as if our experiences and discernment are a result of us looking through some broken lens - a convenient theory that relieves people of looking more deeply at themselves. People should fear acting this way and they will only stop if they know there are consequences. Remember, we need mercy and also justice. Not one without the other. "He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."

Once again I genuinely hope this woman will be okay, but she is now being forced to see the ugliness inside her and if she responds right I believe she will be better for it.

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