Confidentity (n): A strong, abiding confidence in one's identity at all times. I have had this word and definition on my heart for years. I wanted its launching to be perfect. The shirt designs, many. The platform glamorous. The resources ready. But much like me, it has to start somewhere. I think the irony of me needing it to be perfect is just what the brand is meant to retaliate against. And the need to launch hit me recently after a romantic rejection. As silly as it sounds, it was quite pivotal. I mean, there I was full of confidence, on a roll with my budding businesses, indie singing career, fitness routine, and relationships blooming. But suddenly with one heart breaking opinion of someone I held in high esteem, the fear that I am never going to be enough began to spread its shadowy substance through my soul. I had been down that road before and the warfare was real. I wanted this person to see me for all I am striving to be and love me back. But they did not. It's that simple. I knew from experience that I could not pretend to be unaffected and call it strength. So after quite a few tears, self reflection, time with Jesus and some much needed self-talk, I pulled myself kicking and screaming out of my slump and stopped procrastinating with my brand. No more waiting to be perfect or expecting to be extraordinary overnight. I had enough to start. The name. One basic design and the courage to be vulnerable. It simply had to be enough. Because it's all I have. And I am determined to make the most of it. When it comes to my confidence I have overcome so much and I want to be thankful for that. I want to love every curve. Every flaw. And every idea - enough to work hard to develop it and perhaps even share it with the world before it's perfect. Because I will always be in progress and the right people will celebrate where I'm at and join me on the journey. I hope you love my brand and can relate. It is simply about choosing to embrace where you are on the way to where you are going - knowing who you are, fighting for that, and standing in that - no matter what.

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