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Been figuring out my “quaroutine.” Things that God has shown me so far as I seek? Many. But still, there is so much ADHD, anxiety, ancient pride and fresh fear making it seem like clutter. Making it hard to know which thing to do and how to do it, etc. Yet I have faith that he is going to help me one day at a time. And I believe in myself because He made me and equipped me to be capable of authentic surrender and courageous consistency. I am thankful and excited to know Him. He is steadfast and determined to make us into all we can be in the earth. The greatest joy awaits us, the fullest freedom, the truest unity amongst the ones we were destined to run with, the deepest intimacy with Him and honor for each other. He is faithful to show up each moment we set aside time to acknowledge Him alone. And that will flood into every, doubt, hope, declaration, strategy and movement. It will form our new routines and transform our eyes to truly see.

Many people at the beginning of the year said, “It’s gon be 20/20 vision!”

But will does that cost?

What needs to be removed until we can clearly see?