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Gabrielle Solange is a Top 200 Billboard charting music artist and keynote speaker whose vulnerable storytelling allows her to connect with diverse audiences across the US and abroad.  A former runaway in the foster care system, she credits her faith and the inner city youth arts programs of Columbus, Ohio for providing opportunities that awakened her to her self-worth and purpose. She has been blazing a trail using her voice to entertain and educate while helping others to use theirs. She hosts creative workshops for schools and organizations through her company RunSong Productions, teaching the arts as a tool to process trauma, express emotion, connect with others, and overcome life's obstacles . She is also a spokesperson for Life Is Better With You Here, a program created by the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation to combat the increasing suicide rate in the Black community. She created the self-love and empowerment clothing brand, Confidentity and a culture podcast that shares the same name. She recently illustrated the young adult dystopian fantasy, Where The Stars Hide, for young adult author, Patricia Gulzar.

She now releases and performs her original music while advocating for causes that are dear to her heart, including mental health, anti-bullying, suicide prevention, anti-racism, and equality, with her latest music garnering the attention of Kelly Clarkson, and AfroTV's Sisaundra Lewis. 

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 with illustrations and lyrics by Gabrielle Solange

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